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Fireworks, it's what the forefathers want.

2008-07-01 22:13:04 by eXillmatic

Month of July

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Tuesday: July 1, 2008
So i've been away alot, and have kind of forgotten about newgrounds. Spent my time doing other things lol, but now i suppose i'll be on here more often (definitely should be up like 2 levels by now but i'm slacking on my voting). Got Battlefield: Bad Compay, it's amazing btw. i leave on the 9th for a fourteen day cruise in the mediterranean. I'll probably make another post before that. cya guys.

Tuesday: July 9, 2008
I leave tommorow for the cruise. Today i have a meeting at 1:00 PM with mr blevens about his website, hopefully i'll be getting $250 from him for completion (already got the rest lol). Changed my gamertag again lol, it's now KingKillaBeez. I think i'm gonna join a Call of Duty 4 clan and start pwning kids in the MLG lol. who knows. well, maybe i'll post tommorow to say bon voyage!


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2008-08-29 18:42:47

ok i hope ur voyage goes well


2008-09-21 04:05:45

Did you still this from YT?
Sorry I have to ask questions.


2009-07-27 17:21:36

so i herd u liek mudkipz