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2008-07-01 22:13:04 by eXillmatic

Month of July

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Tuesday: July 1, 2008
So i've been away alot, and have kind of forgotten about newgrounds. Spent my time doing other things lol, but now i suppose i'll be on here more often (definitely should be up like 2 levels by now but i'm slacking on my voting). Got Battlefield: Bad Compay, it's amazing btw. i leave on the 9th for a fourteen day cruise in the mediterranean. I'll probably make another post before that. cya guys.

Tuesday: July 9, 2008
I leave tommorow for the cruise. Today i have a meeting at 1:00 PM with mr blevens about his website, hopefully i'll be getting $250 from him for completion (already got the rest lol). Changed my gamertag again lol, it's now KingKillaBeez. I think i'm gonna join a Call of Duty 4 clan and start pwning kids in the MLG lol. who knows. well, maybe i'll post tommorow to say bon voyage!

Happy birthday Donal Duck

2008-06-16 20:35:22 by eXillmatic

Month of June

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Monday: June 16, 2008
Sorry it took so long this month. I graduated on the fourth, which was fucking kickass. Got a 32" LCD-HDTV from my parents as a present, and $500 which i bought a 360 elite with from my grandparents. i've gotten an additional $600 from various relatives and the like. Then last monday (1 week ago) I drove down to Ocean City for the week (just got back yesterday). We stayed on 6th street and the boardwalk (next to the kite loft). jesus christ was that good, i was perpetually drunk for the first four days hahaha. I also met bob marley's youngest daughter (makeda), she was chill as shit. We toked up and got drunk together. PS that's damien's sister. today's my dads birthday which was pretty cool lol. i'm gonna go set up my my xbox live, gotta move my gamertag over to the new one.

Senioritis Baby!

2008-05-01 16:04:53 by eXillmatic

Month of May

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Thursday: May 1, 2008
So i found out today i have 6 actual days of school left spaced over the next month . . . literally, but my last day is on the 30th, and i'll graduate on the 4th! woot. Been losing weight, this gym thing seems to be working (go figure), me and my girl both noticed it (mostly in the face and legs). Most importantly i got Grand Theft Auto 4, and it's fucking amazing. Go buy it right now!!! seriously, fucking buy it, now. I'm calling it to be GOTY right now.

Saturday: May 10, 2008
I beat Grand Theft Auto IV, woohoo. Definitely a fun game haha, but i was disappointed in the difficulty of the missions. I finished that guys website and he's supposed to cut me a check for $750 soon, i get the other $250 once i've tought him how to run the site.which should be nice since i lost my job and everything (got laid off, not fired). Only like 4 days of high school left, i'm ready for that to be over with. PS I'm making it a hobby to start visiting the forums more often, look out for a massively rising post count.

Wednesday: May 14, 2008
So here's the deal, i made an awesome mudkipz flash. I heard u liek dem? but basically, i needz moar ideas for my mudkipz outfits. Give dem to me nao and i will improveon installment number two. Other than that, go give it a five now and review it. PS School is almost over, and prom is saturday :D but unfortunately my girlfriend is probably gonna get her period on prom (so i'll have to wait for sex T_T)

Saturday: May 17, 2008
Prom tonight, WOO! I'm remaking my mudkipz flash with alot more outfits, gonna delete the original and resubmit the new one when it's done basically. If anyone has ideas for different mudkipz let me know, here's the list as of now:

Saturday: May 24, 2008
So i didn't get UDOTW, which is fine. i'm not too worried about it. Last night was me and sam's 1 year anniversary. Took her out to the melting pot and it was a lot of fun! she got me rock band :) the special edition full set hehe. Tonight i'll probably be so fucked up sideways i won't even be able to stand, graduation parties are the best haha (2 kegs = win). I'm off to play Rock Band with my girl now though, i'll see you guys next month probably.

Showers and Shorts

2008-04-01 17:04:37 by eXillmatic

Month of April

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Tuesday: April 1, 2008
It's april fools day. Not much to say really, this holiday is a joke, everyone knows to take nothing that happens seriously, although Xile did kill everyones accounts for today and put up a FREE STUFF NPC in prontera hahaha. My genius girlfriend's mom forgot to pay their phone bill on time last month, so for half the day she didn't have a cell phone or a house phone (not an april fools joke, just laziness). No word on any new flashes i've started . . . nothing creative is coming to me right now . . . inspire me!

Friday: April 4, 2008
Took the day off today thinking GTA:IV released today, it doesn't. They pushed it back to the 29th or something gay. So instead i'm going tux shopping. And to top it all of my CoD4 map pack wont download, i get a wierd error everytime i try . . . fucking communists. :: Later that day :: back to talk about the new CoD4 map pack xD it's fucking amazing, i lvoe chinatown and killhouse (even though you can't play killhouse in pub yet?) but creek is meh, too much sniping not enough action for me. Broadcast is pretty cool as well.

Tuesday: April 15, 2008
Geez, been a while. Had alot on my plate lately. A few female troubles (almost lost my gf), but that's pretty much fixed now. I've been on and off with various sicknesses . . . and dealin with alot of college bullshit/scholarships (after this post i'm off to write more essays). I still haven't had time to make the next episode of SKW and i apoligize, i promise this one will be longer to make up for that but RL comes first. PLEASE stop sending me PMs demanding more lol, it'll get done once my life settles in again. I also changed my XboxLive Gamertag because i needed something new. It was eXillmatic, now it's MoarBarrelRollz, add me if you please. That's all for today, hopefully i'll get another SKW out soon though.

Thursday: April 17, 2008
So i deleted all of my music on my iPod. Had about 17 days+ worth of music (not including my videos). I've been redownloading music via PirateBay (fuck the RIAA) and i'm happy with what i have so far. Put all three episodes of the original star wars trilogy, plus Code Monkeys Season 1. All of the Wu-Tang clan, aesop rock, the RZA, and D12 (plus alot more).

Monday: April 21, 2008
I know this is going to piss of quite a few of you but i'm discontinuing my Super Koopa World Series. I understand it's come to obtain a huge fanbase (who keep PMing me lulz), but i'm just done with it for now. I'm saving up for a graphics tablet so that i can produce true frame by frame flashes. I have a great idea for a flas that won't involve sprites but it won't be hand-drawn either (sorta) . . . and i'm considering making a Madness style film (won't need a graphics tablet for that). Who knows, only 13 more days of school for me, seeing as i go every other day, plus i got word they may let us out the 30th of may instead of the 3rd of june because we used zero snow days. I'll still graduate on the 4th, but won't have school after the 30th (YEA!).

Monday: April 28, 2008
So here's the deal, last posting of this month. Woot, good news, i bought shivering isles (again) and knights of the nine yesterday, But seriously, i'm too wicked good. i stopped the greymarch in under 1 day, bouya. Oh yea, and i've been considering just making one more episode of SKW to get it out of the way but meh, i'll just let it hang there in suspense. THAT WAY, one day when i get my tablet i'll maybe make a fully animated awesome epic battle between the two of them the likes of which the world has never seen! hahaha, but anyways. I'm off for today. Sorry to dissapoint you guys with SKW! I'm working on a street fighter flash though (sprites), which will be followed by a Half-Life 2 flash (not sprites)

Showers and Shorts


2008-03-16 22:05:41 by eXillmatic

Month of March

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Sunday: March 16, 2008
So here's my first entry in, this'll be updated whenever that way all my comments keep running.

Some info on me. My XboxLive gamertag is eXillmatic, as is my AIM. I also play XileRO under the account Sev7en, my main character is [x]Gluttony[x]. I has a myspace but you can't see it. I'm a forum whore at, and am currently the second highest poster there. I'll soon be attending Towson University in MD as a freshman majoring in Computer Science. Final Fantasy 7 is the greatest game evar, period. I'll pretty much own your face in CoD4. More to come . . .

Tuesday: March 18, 2008
I'm at work right now chilling. Just met my new boss today (sorta), and spent most of the workday fucking around on the internet and downloading the XileRO RagnarokOnline Installer onto my work computer (5 hour download time currently has 1:17:59 left). I've done a bit of work collecting sounds and images for the next installment of Super Koopa World (this will be ep. 3), but haven't actually began to create it. And probably won't till thursday night. Tonight i'm eating delicious spaghetti that my girlfriend's grandma is cooking for me, and tommorow i'm gonna go chill at her house with this kid we know from Arizona (John Dayton if you read this i love ya :D//No homo). I'm open to suggestions for where i should go in the series, or even if you just have an idea for a funny oneline/picture to be spliced in somewhere let me know. I've got quite a few in mind for upcoming episodes, and each episode will have at least one cameo in it :) that's all for now . . .

Wednesday: March 19, 2008
Submitted my new Super Koopa world, hope you like it! If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them here or on the actual flash page. I'm going to work on a dressup style game (sorta) before i finish the next Super Koopa world, so it'll be a little bit before the new one is released :S sorry folks! gotta make a game, it's just calling to me :D

Saturday: March 22, 2008
I created an image to showcase my sniper on XileRO server. Hawt mirite? PS If you don't know, BKC add +10 to all stats, and Celestial (chocos) add the same. Mutual Wings, Clothes of Brilliance, and Boots of guidance are a set that give alot of stats together. Basically i pwn your face. Soul Seeker is an elite item that adds like 15 dex, 10 vite and 5 luk. DarkHelm adds five to all stats. If you play XileRO hit me up in game. PS the site is Click Here to see my character :3

Tuesday: March 25, 2008
Well, i postponed making SuperKoopaWorld4 to create my first newground submission that's a game. It's superkoopaworld editer, and it's basically a simple dress up game with my charas so you can create your own scenes. Expect the next episode to come out sometime early april (probably within the first week).

Friday: March 28, 2008
This may be my last entry for this month, and next month will start a new news post. I've decided to take a step away from my Super Koopa worlds for this next month, and work on other projects. For one i'm making a flash entirely devoted to barrel rolls, that'll probably come first. I have a couple other ideas floating around out there as well, but all in good time. See you all on april fools day!

Monday: March 31, 2008
This is the last entry for this month, sorry for the lie before folks! My barrel roll flash was a huge success, but i have bad news for the rest of you SKW fans, i'll be putting the series on hold for a while. It seems my creative juices are flowing well :D my next project will be a music video of sorts, based around a semi-popular song from Team America World Police. I promise it'll be most hilarious indeed.